100% natural drink makers Villbrygg share their workplace experience

100% natural drink makers Villbrygg give us a snapshot into their workplace experience.

Villbrygg is the brainchild of childhood friends Cornelia Øiestad and Vanessa Krogh, a creative duo based in Oslo with a passion for all things nature. The business partners have grown Villbrygg (Norwegian for Wildbrew) from an ambitious idea to a respected enterprise, with their tasty natural drinks stocked in bars and restaurants across Scandinavia.


And whilst their line of work requires them to spend a great deal of time scouring the countryside for their handpicked produce, they still have a lot of work to do in the office. We spoke to the intrepid twosome to find out more about office-life on the wild side, and find out more about how their office is designed to harness inspiration and foster their creativity.


A Clean Slate

Villbyrgg work from a studio workspace in a converted factory adjacent to the river in downtown Oslo. Split into two separate areas, the studio has a more conventional office space for computer-based and collaborative artistic tasks and the Kitchen/Lab where the partners experiment with new ingredients and produce their latest brews.


Bright and airy, with natural light flooding in through the large windows, the partners chose to keep the environment relatively neutral, working on the interior design personally to create a relaxing and minimalist environment.


“We chose a neutral colour to have an office space that supports our creative processes,” explained Cornelia, continuing, “Since we work with design, colour and associations, it's important to have a clean slate without being too much influenced by the office surroundings. We want to keep it clean and minimalistic to have space for developing creative thoughts. It should be a place where one could relax, be concentrated, and not have too many distractions. Calm and uplifting, but not too many colours.”


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two ladies doing deskwork whilst sat on HÅG Capisco chairs

Featured chairs: HÅG Capisco with fabrics Gabriel Note 62003 & Kvadrat Melange Nap 0411 | Photography: AntiDeco

yellow and green hag capisco chairs birdseye view next to wooden desk

Featured chairs: HÅG Capisco with fabrics Gabriel Note 62003 & Kvadrat Melange Nap 0411 | Photography: AntiDeco

A dash of colour

When it comes to furnishing their workspace, the pair like to keep things natural. As well as keeping fresh flowers, herbs and cuttings dotted around the interior, they have used vintage wooden tables to bring the outside in. Their lab equipment is robust and functional, and their supplies are kept in plain glass jars.


When it comes to seating, Villbrygg relies on the HÅG Capisco, a versatile chair perfect for multi-task working environments, offering comfort and freedom of movement as well as lasting support. Available in a range of colours, they chose one in green and one in yellow, using fabrics Gabriel Note (62003) & Kvadrat Melange Nap (0411) to bring a dash of naturalistic colour to their workspace, complimenting their aesthetic approach.


Cornelia: “When we invest in something for our workspace, we choose things of high quality that can last long. We like to combine new quality design items with older ones for personality and still a timeless look. The HÅG Capisco chairs are great additions to our office space.”


“Our days vary a lot, some days we are all over town, in the forest or mostly in the kitchen, but other days we need to sit very long hours in front of the computer and then the chair helps us to keep a nice posture. It’s really good to have a place to sit down comfortably to work, and depending on how you want to sit, there are so many different ways to use the chair - we really enjoy that! 


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lady drawing artwork sat on yellow hag capisco chair

Featured chairs: HÅG Capisco with fabrics Gabriel Note 62003 & Kvadrat Melange Nap 0411 | Photography: AntiDeco

Find out more about Villbrygg and their unique twist on natural soft drinks, including a video interview, by clicking the link below.


Villbrygg - A Capisco Story

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