Colourful house interior design ideas: Guest blog by Julie Glein

Interiors expert Julie Glein shares with us the design process behind her inviting and colourful new dining room, and gives us insight into the inspiration behind her love of home interior design.

Julie Glein is an interior and product designer based in Trondheim. After speaking to Julie about her latest dining room project, we invited her to share her interior design ideas, with particular reference to the room colour ideas for her modern dining room interior.


I have been fascinated by interior, furniture and style since I was a child. I can still remember when my mum allowed me to renovate my room as a 10-year-old girl. Everything was well planned; the colour themes and the furniture had to be just as in my vision. There was no doubt that a creative career had to be my choice.


I chose to study interior design, and then later I took a bachelor in product design. Today I am working with interior and furnishing in the contract market, which gives me a lot of contrasting and compulsive projects. I really love to work with different styles on paper, and then later see them come alive. There are just so many opportunities within the visual expression that fascinates me, so the fact that I am able to do this not only at home but also as my career feels amazing. My inspiration can come from anywhere; social media, magazines, design fairs and just everyday life. Unfortunately, I can't have it all, but a girl can dream, right?

Coral RBM Noor chair at a side table with a palm treee mural wall covering and a clock showing 8:30

Featured chair: RBM Noor Sledgebase with seat cushion: Coral shell, Gabriel Capture (CPT4102) fabric, white metal frame, with armrests

As easily impressionable as I am to new trends and colours, I still manage to choose furniture with timeless design as these are investments that we are making for a long time. It is important that these objects can be adjusted to fit into different types of styles and expressions. I also need a certain balance in my surroundings and by bringing nature inside I can create a comfy and homely atmosphere to soften up the harder lines in my interior.


I really love colour. There is not one single white wall in my house. Still, I always choose neutral colours with a hint of peach. As there are so many eye-catching objects, I don't want the colours of my walls to steal all the attention. My latest purchase was a wall mural with palms. It had my name written all over it and I didn't hesitate for a second before it landed in my cart!


I am very familiar with Flokk products so when we were investing in new chairs for the dining area and the home office the choice was easy. The RBM Noor chair is so comfortable to sit in and I want my guests to sit for a long time. The Flokk products are sustainable and environmentally friendly, and the quality is impeccable. There is also another reason why the RBM Noor was an easy choice and that is the huge amount of different opportunities when it comes to colours and designs.


I spent quite some time to decide exactly what I was going for, but this was just such a fun process as the sky is really the limit. The chair shells and the frames come in so many colours, and you can also choose with or without upholstery so you can really design the chair of your dreams. Again, although the temptation was there to go wild and crazy I had to choose something that I can have for a long time and that can be adjusted to fit into all my new styling ideas. I felt like I needed a bit of colour and decided to go for coral in addition to two different shades of grey.

Close up of coral RBM Noor chair in a home dining room with peach walls and a round black table
Interior of peach coloured home dining room with 4 RBM Noor chairs set around a black circular table with a candle and ornaments on

I also decided to go for armrests as this is something that I always tend to miss if they are lacking. The black pad made a really nice contrast to the white frames I went for and the chair in its entirety. Due to seating comfort, I chose upholstered chairs, as these are chairs we are going to spend a lot of time in, both by the computer and for dinners. As for the choice of colours on the upholstery, I went for the same colours we already have on our couch as the dining area is in the same room.


The RBM Noor chairs are really the most comfortable dining chairs we have ever had, and I love how it is so flexible that you can easily lean back in them. The RBM Noor chairs are everything we need to bring friends and family of all generations together for long nice conversations around our dining table.


You can see more interior design from Julie on her Instagram channel @julieglein


About RBM Noor

RBM Noor is a wide and versatile range of colourful chairs designed by Form Us With Love (Sweden), StokkeAustad (Norway), Susanne Grønlund/Grønlund Design (Denmark) and the Flokk design team.


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RBM noor chair demonstration of the full range of options

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