CONNECT and PLAY with Flokk at Stockholm Design Week 2022

Ahead of CONNECT, Flokk’s exhibition at Stockholm Design Week, Hunting & Narud provide insight on how they devised the concept, and share with us what visitors can expect

Over the last few years, the world has become more online. Digital meetings, webinars, virtual parties, and for furniture brands, digital product launches. With so many interactions limited to screen time, there has been a loss of real human connection. We think it's time to change that.


At Stockholm Design Week, Flokk invites you to switch off, and reconnect with the physical world. Connect is Flokk’s immersive exhibition taking place from the 6th – 9th of September in Central Stockholm.


“We have named the concept Connect with an added emphasis on Play” says Hunting & Narud, the design studio behind the concept, continuing; “Connect relates to the physical installation in the space where visitors are encouraged to connect the different pieces. We really want people to play and have fun with it. It’s also about connecting people now that we finally can have these important interactions again.”


Taking centre stage at the exhibition is HÅG Tion, a chair designed in collaboration with Hunting & Narud, alongside BIG-GAME and Anderssen & Voll. Released in 2021 when offline events were limited, Tion’s launch was mainly a digital one.


H&N: “The overall objective of this showcase is to finally show people HÅG Tion IRL after several years of development. We held a digital launch which however good, doesn’t quite feel the same. We are proud of all the work that has gone into this collaboration and have many materials to show and interesting conversations to hold.”


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Hunting & Narud | Photography: Kat Green


HÅG Tion, designed in collaboration with Hunting & Narud, BIG-GAME & Anderssen Voll

Taking place at A-house Stockholm, CONNECT is designed to be interactive in a very tactile way. That means no digital screens and lots of physical materials to interact with, encouraging creativity and playfulness.


H&N: “For SDW we have designed a playful, interactive, abstract real-life configurator that encourages the visitor to have a go and combine materials, finishes, shapes and colours. These colours and materials are the same as the options for HÅG Tion and something we believe is important to experience in the flesh. You will get to have a go at putting together materials and colours with large building blocks and see how they work together. We have deliberately avoided any screens or online configurators in this room, mainly because we are really bored of screens after staring at them too much for these past few years!”


As well as the main exhibition room, there will be several other rooms featuring a range of designs, including the latest releases from Flokk brand OFFECCT. A range of talks, seminars workshops and parties will take place across the week, with a strong emphasis on creativity and modern working.


H&N: “We have taken the play theme on board and had a lot of fun with colours and materials for OFFECT. We hope visitors enjoy the space and find the space to be a creative and stimulating place to visit, hang out and perhaps engage in some of the talks and workshops that will take place over SDW. The colour and material choices are eclectic, lively and hopefully engage conversations.”


Connect & Play

A Flokk Exhibition @ Stockholm Design Week 2022

 Concept by Hunting & Narud

6-9 September 2022

A-house Stockholm, Uggelviksgatan 2a, Stockholm


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