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Embracing the imperfect - Sustainable design talk

"Embracing the imperfect" is a 20-minute online talk hosted by Flokk SVP Christian Lodgaard, exploring the ways in which the imperfections of recycled materials can be used to your advantage.

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About the talk

De-Growth - Embracing the imperfect

This second digital talk on Sustainable Design from Flokk is a further expansion on our circular design criteria. This time we will focus on how sustainable material choices need to be a priority right from the beginning of the design process.


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Exploring how conscious material use can be navigated to support global de-growth - the deliberate and planned downscaling of production and consumption that increases human well-being whilst enhancing ecological conditions and equity on the planet.

And importantly; how does the use of recycled materials impact the aesthetics of furniture going forward. How can we embrace the imperfect in order to maximise re-use of materials such as household waste and ocean plastics?


About the speaker

Christian Lodgaard is Senior Vice President of Products & Brands in Flokk. His background is from product design and engineering, and a strong sustainability focus has been key throughout his career.

This talk was originally broadcast on Thursday 4th June 2020

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