Getting inclusivity right - How nortura's new office makes everyone feel at home

Explore how Nortura's revolutionary office design goes beyond mere inclusivity, weaving together a harmonious tapestry of connection, heritage homage, and sustainable practices, creating a workspace that resonates with every individual associated with the company

Nortura's new headquarters reflects a significant change in office design, moving beyond just making spaces accessible to embracing diversity in a comprehensive way. Acknowledging the importance of inclusivity, Nortura goes beyond traditional limits to build a workspace that connects with a diverse group of employees.


As one of Norway's leading food providers, Nortura works with and for people from all walks of life, in farms, factories, and every aspect of food production.  Thus, their vision for inclusivity went far beyond the typical office confines. The goal was clear: ensure every individual, from office workers to those indirectly linked with the company, feels connected and welcome.


Nina Bye Larsen, Project Leader in Nortura’s HR team, captures this ethos, stating, "The essence of our workplace design is to embrace everyone at Nortura. Nature, agriculture, and  pride in our heritage are themes woven into the fabric of our design, resonating with every individual."


Working alongside interior architects, Nortura initiated a collaborative design process. Understanding that this would most impact those working within the HQ, Nortura engaged its office workers as key contributors. The result? A thoughtfully laid out workspace catering to diverse needs, fostering flexibility for hybrid work patterns, and strategically placing meeting rooms for seamless collaboration.


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Nortura’s new Oslo Headquarters seamlessly integrates sustainability, functionality, and inclusivity within a dynamic and productive workspace.

Featured Flokk design: HÅG Tion in Hemsedal (930)  fabric by Gudbrandsdalens Uldvarefabrik & Flokk

Culinary Centerstage

Acknowledging the central role of food in their business, Nortura brought the show kitchen into the spotlight. This integration not only made office employees feel more connected to the latest culinary creations but also extended a warm welcome to visiting chefs, food manufacturers, and industry professionals.


Homage to Heritage

Meeting rooms named after traditional Norwegian agricultural places and artwork depicting rural scenes pay homage to the company's rich heritage, fostering a connection to its roots.


Seeds of Connection

One of the standout features is the use of wallpaper made from camomile and hay. Not only does this bring an aesthetically pleasing touch to the office, but it also emits a subtle, familiar scent—reminiscent of the earth and fields - connecting those working in the corporate headquarters with their counterparts more used to the countryside.


Sustainable Touch

Sustainability, a cornerstone of the redesign, took centre stage with a focus on reducing environmental impact. A Reuse and recycle approach played a pivotal role, with furniture either refurbished from the previous office or sourced from a specialist refurbished furniture supplier.


Tables were constructed from discarded factory coats, as well as many items of furniture reused from their previous office, given a new lease of life with reupholstery.


Nortura's show kitchen, previously hidden at the back of the office, was now brought to the heart of the office, signalling its impotance and bringing everyone closer to the food Nortura create.

Featured Flokk design: Profim Noor Up  in Sirdal (SRD630) fabric by Gudbrandsdalens Uldvarefabrik & Flokk

Here we can see the innovative wallpaper made from flower seeds, camomile and hay, not only providing a unique and natural aesthetic, but emitting a light scent evocative of the countryside

Woolen threads of Connection

Many items of reused furniture were made by Flokk, including HÅG Capisco chairs and HÅG H04 chairs. They also brought in new furniture from Flokk brand HÅG, a Norwegian brand within the Flokk umbrella. Sustainably made, ergonomic, and designed and manufactured in Norway, the chairs ticked many boxes, and the icing on the cake was the upholstery chosen for the chairs.


Nina: “With many of the chairs in the office designed by Flokk, we wanted to use a natural, sustainable, and Norwegian fabric. We were very much inspired by the story of Flokk’s collaboration with Gudbrandsdalens Uldvarefabrik, the celebration of Norwegian sheep’s wool, and the creation of such beautiful fabrics. When we talk about these chairs, I always tell my colleagues the fun fact that the very structure of the textile is inspired by the pattern on the sheep after it has been sheared. It works well in Nortura, and can be an excellent ice-breaker when we have visitors from the farming industry.”

Featured: HÅG Tion in Hemsedal (930)  fabric by Gudbrandsdalens Uldvarefabrik & Flokk
Featured: HÅG Capisco in Sirdal (SRD480)  fabric by Gudbrandsdalens Uldvarefabrik & Flokk

This level of attention to detail not only showcases the depth of consideration in the design but also adds a layer of storytelling that engages and connects individuals to the unique fabric of Nortura.


Nortura's new office design transcends the conventional boundaries of inclusivity, creating a harmonious space that not only caters to diverse needs but also weaves a rich tapestry of connection and belonging for everyone associated with the company.

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