Home, office and studio - all in one! My Home office, Ft. Mille Emilie

Danish stylist and creative consultant Mille Emilie takes us through her home office setup and shares some advice on the best features to include when designing you own work from home space.

My workplace is at home.  


This is where I write, take pictures and be creative - Here I can work. 


I have been working at home for a year now, but it is only now that I am getting myself a proper home office that is not in the kitchen or on the couch with my laptop. It is important for me to have a proper workstation where I can sit well. 


I have previously had an office out in the city, and have previously had a small corner in our old apartment. None of the parts has worked optimally for me because I need my space when I work.  


I work as an independent stylist, creative consultant and freelance photographer, so having a nice atmosphere in my home office is important because I am here alone for many hours. 


In connection with my work, I have slightly larger items and products like tables, chairs or shelves and I often use my own home as a backdrop and storage. Many of the props and remedies I use are taking up much space, so I need room, storage and air for all these items. 


That is why I'm so happy to finally have access to the little house in our backyard. This met all my needs for just that kind of work without having to put back and forth in our private areas. 


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We are in the process of renovating and furnishing the little house, so I get the best working conditions for my type of work. It will become home, office and studio - all in one.  


There is still some way to go, but I finish my maternity leave in February, so that's the deadline we are aiming to reach… Anyway, we're certainly not to meet the deadline, but it doesn’t really matter... We accomplish what we accomplish day by day. The most important thing is that there is good space, the light is bright and the atmosphere is nice to work in. 


Luckily, it gives me plenty of room to be creative and think extra out of the box in my stylings. Often it ends up with some pretty nice solutions and pictures - Then everything is good! 


I have made myself a small corner with a (small) temporary work table with space for a computer and office chair. I have taken my old vintage Singer sewing machine table into use and it works fairly well.


Okay… It's far from optimal, but for now its fine enough. 


I'm thinking a little bit about what it should all look like. I do not feel like taking some hasty decisions, so I work with what I have and arrange myself continuously so that they become the best solutions for the space.



However, one thing has been important to me in this process of semi-sedentary work with many hours in front of the computer. I need to sit well and comfortably when I work. I sit down for many hours when I edit photos, write articles, emails and whatever else I have of work assignments in front of the computer.  


Fortunately, I am in complete control of the seating comfort already with my beautiful petroleum coloured task chair from Flokk. 





My best tip for creating a good workplace at home must be a good office chair and some good light.  

If possible, place yourself close to a window so that you can look out during the day so you don’t just sit and stare into a wall. Also get daylight in. It gives energy! 


We are working from home more than ever, especially in these pandemic times, so having a good workplace and a good chair is important. A good office chair is clearly a must, so if necessary you can settle for a slightly smaller table - which I have right now. But sitting well is the alpha omega! 



My chairs is the iconic bestselling classic HÅG Capisco 8106. I have chosen colours, frames and fabric myself via Flokk’s smart configurator, where you can easily get an idea of what the office chair looks like with the preferences you have before you buy it. That’s really smart - Try it yourself here! 


The chair is ergonomically designed and has a unique saddle seat that is inspired by the rider's saddle. The seat provides an active working position that helps one to avoid tension in the body when sitting on the chair and can be used both sitting and half-standing. 


I chose it in the most beautiful petroleum-coloured shade, which I think is wildly nice for the light room. I fell head over heels for the colour at first glance. The idea for the colour palette in the office is light colours, grey tones but spiced up with solid colours in the blue-green scale, mixed with earth tones and pink tones. 


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Thanks to Mille for sharing her home office story with us.  You can read more Interior design stories from Mille over at her blog Sonoma Seven or follow her on her Instagram channel @mille_emilie


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