How do people want to work? Catch-up on our latest digital round table

Missed our latest online talk? Watch the complete session featuring Leesman & The Travelling Ergonomist

How do people want to work?


That's exactly the question answered by our panellists on our most recent online digital round table, featuring Leesman CEO Tim Oldman and Workplace Consultant Kirsty Angerer AKA The Travelling Ergonomist.


Tim presents the findings from Leesman's most unprecedented survey, with over 100,000 respondents sharing their experiences from the world of work over the past 6 months, with Kirsty offering her personal insights from working with companies to adapt to the rise of working from home.


Watch the full conversation below

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Special thanks to our guests Tim & Kirsty, for sharing their time with us and providing us with some fascinating insight. If you would like to find out more about either of their organisations, check out the links below.





If you would like to go straight to the research featured in the talk, click here.


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