RBM collaborate with design students to create school chairs for the future

See the story of "Education Reimagined", a design collaboration between Flokk brand RBM & students from École cantonale d'art de Lausanne (ECAL), exploring the future of school seating.

“Education Reimagined” – is an exciting collaboration between Flokk brand RBM & Swiss art and design university ECAL, exploring alternatives to today’s traditional educational seating, and creating innovative designs of the future.


Through a series of workshops and seminars, Flokk designers worked alongside the first-year product design students during the research phase of the project, offering advice and knowledge during the prototyping. 


The year-long project culminated in an exhibition during Stockholm Furniture Fair 2020 with eight standout designs prototyped and presented throughout the week.


Speaking about the project, Course Leader Camille Blin said: "The brand collaboration is part of the DNA of ECAL. It’s really important that the students are engaging in real briefs given by companies because we think it’s the best training for their future career...It has been a wonderful journey because the topic was experimental enough for the students to be creative and to open up the doors... Overall I think it has been an interesting collaboration on many parameters."


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RBM - Seating for educational spaces

Students, regardless of age or size, deserve inspirational and good ergonomic seating solutions to perform their best.


RBM chairs and tables add energy and enrich the ambience of the room through new and fresh Scandinavian designs. 


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