Team Tomorrow: Shaping a sustainable future

Interview with sustainability-focused influencer agency Team Tomorrow, exploring their mission and new workspace design

Team Tomorrow isn't your average agency. Founded in 2021 by Norwegian vegetarian icon Hanne-Lene Dahlgren and media veteran Nikolai Kaatorp Mathisen, the agency emerged as a response to the lack of sustainability messaging in influencer culture. According to Louise Fuchs, former sustainability director at Oda, who joined as Partner & CEO in January 2023, "We wanted to create an environment that embraces all the brave people who dare to step forward to make a positive change." Their mission? Inspire a sustainable lifestyle by promoting products, brands, and lifestyle changes that align with the UN's sustainability goals.


Influencing today for a better tomorrow

Fuchs explains, "In Team Tomorrow, we use our voice actively to bring about change. The bravest people we know are those who dare to take a stand." This ethos drives their unique approach. "We focus on brands that give tomorrow something it needs," says Fuchs. Their Tomorrow Test, a rigorous checklist developed by sustainability experts, ensures collaborations align with their values. "The most important thing for us is that you contribute to something positive," Fuchs adds.


With over 300 collaborations annually, Team Tomorrow works across various industries, from DnB to the Red Cross. Fuchs emphasises, "We're specialists in many different topics." Their work includes strategy development, content collaborations, casting, and consulting. "We match profiles and concepts that create strong results," Fuchs explains. Detailed reports measure success, ensuring meaningful impact.


(photo at top - Emma Martine Lillemo, COO Team Tomorrow)

Louise Fuchs, Partner & CEO, Team Tomorrow
Nikolai Mathisen, Commercial and profile manager, Team Tomorrow

The Workspace

In crafting their workspace, Team Tomorrow mirrors their commitment to sustainability. "Our office is a reflection of who we are and what we stand for," says Fuchs. Flexibility is key, with different zones for focus, creative work, and collaboration. "Our employees work from both office and remotely. It is important that our workspace can do several things for us. Flexibility is essential and we have decorated the office with different zones to meet our needs,” Fuchs notes. The office design fosters inclusivity, with influencer profiles as co-owners reinforcing their shared vision.

Featured: HÅG Tion 2140 made with recycled snow plough marker plastic

Featured: HÅG Capisco Puls made with recycled snow plough marker plastic & HÅG Capisco 8106

The chairs

Team Tomorrow has kitted out their workspace with a range of Flokk chairs. Work desks were paired with HÅG Tion & HÅG Capisco task chairs, perfect for multi-user environments, with their dynamic intuitive controls. HÅG Celi chairs provided the ability to quickly set up and arrange conferences or presentations. Additional seating, including Profim Revo, Profim Chic Lounge, and Offecct Carry on added a touch of warmth and comfort for casual spaces.


Choosing Flokk seating was a natural fit for the brand. “Flokk seating to us stands for both sustainability, functionality, and aesthetics," says Fuchs. Their favourite, the Flokk HÅG Capisco chair, embodies their values. "It is built to last, and we love the classic and timeless design," Fuchs explains. Customisation options allowed them to tailor the chairs to their needs, enhancing both comfort and style. 

Flokk's recycled snowplough marker plastic material will soon be available across new products, including HÅG Tion & HÅG Celi

Recycled snowplough marker plastic – expanded range

Team Tomorrow is fortunate to be among the first customers of the expanded range of chairs made from recycled snowplough markers. This sustainable material stream, derived from discarded broken snowplough markers collected in Norway, was initially utilised in HÅG Capisco Puls chairs. As of 2024, this initiative has expanded to include HÅG Tion and HÅG Celi chairs. Team Tomorrow proudly possesses all three chairs made from this material.


"We're thrilled to be among the first to embrace Flokk's expanded range of chairs made from recycled snowplough markers," says Louise, continuing, "It's not just about sustainability; it's a symbol of our commitment to innovation and creating a better future for all."


As Team Tomorrow continues to inspire change, their commitment to sustainability remains unwavering. With their unique approach and dedication to making a difference, they're not just a team but a movement shaping a greener future for all.  


For more information on Team Tomorrow and their initiatives, visit their website


HÅG Tion & HÅG Celi in recycled snowplough markers will be available to order soon, watch this space! 

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