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The future of workplace design : Return to the office | Digital design talk

Three professionals from the world of workplace design offer their take on how the future of the office looks, with special emphasis on the new Flokk HQ currently in development.

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About the talk

The return to the officer: How does the future look?

Through intensive research, meticulous planning and staying ahead of the latest trends, designers, space planners and companies around the world aim to create an environment that enhances productivity, health and well-being, whilst promoting a company’s values and culture.


In a post Covid-19 world, the big question when it comes to workplace design is: As we start to return to the office, how different will it look?


For Flokk, this question is especially important. With a crucial need to advise our customers and also the development of a brand-new headquarters currently underway, the team behind the project have the opportunity to reflect upon their original designs and put in place new measures that are widely thought to be required for people to return to work.


But what do these measures look like? And what is the general outlook for office design now and in the future?


In what promises to be a lively discussion, Niklas Madsen, Design Manager at Superlab, is joined by Flokk Design Manager Oystein Austad Ola Tjade, Flokk Business Development Manager and future trend forecaster, to share their opinions on what they think the impact of the Coronavirus will be on workplace design now and the future, and if this has already manifested itself in the designs for the new Flokk HQ.


About our participants

Nicklas Madsen: Superlab the company was founded in 2014 as an experimental design laboratory with the main goal to study the future workplace and the furniture design of tomorrow. Scientific research and Superlab’s own experience point in the same direction. There is a workspace revolution going on in the world right now. New values and knowledge are making us aware of fundamental changes and how we should approach it.


Øystein Austad: Øystein established himself as an industrial designer as part of Stokke Austad. As part of the design team behind Flokk product RBM Noor, Flokk brought him into our internal design team, where he continues to use his design skills on a range of projects within Flokk, including the RH New Logic, launched in 2019.


Ola Tjade: Ola is Manager of Business Development and creator of Futurelab at Flokk. A passionate intrapreneur, Ola focuses on facilitating the creation of products and business concepts which are good for the environment, business and ultimately society. For the past 3 years, Ola has been leading Flokk’s research & experiments into circular business models.


This talk was originally broadcast on Wednesday 17th June 2020

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