UK Flokk showroom featuring OFfecct yellow sofa, red and orange chairs

New look London showroom designed in collaboration with Michael Sodeau

Check out the complete redesign of our UK Showroom, featuring an array of brands from Flokk

Modern Working Environments

When we redesigned our London, UK showroom, we turned to renowned designer Michael Sodeau to create an inspiring interior that represented modern working environments found today, whilst showcasing the very best of the designs we have to offer across our portfolio.


Enlisting the help of an influential UK designer, we were looking to keep a Scandinavian feel with a British twist.


Through a mixture of lighting, furniture and fittings, the showroom is broken up into different zones, creating small environments, representative of modern working environments.


Watch - Interview with Michael Sodeau on new Flokk showroom design

Flokk showrtoom in London featuring offecct furniture and white walls

A combination of meeting spaces from casual to more formal settings have been created as well as breakout zones and general work areas.


Superfluous elements have been stripped back, keeping things simple, with the workspace where Flokk staff work incorporated in a neutral way, but visually different.


The flooring was supplied by Dinesen, a Danish flooring company, creating beautiful floorboards sourced from the Black Forest.


All light fittings were provided by Scandinavian producer Wästberg, with lighting integrated in a simplistic manner, with drop pendants creating a sculptural feel. 


Swedish textile company Bolon provided additional flooring to the project.

Flokk UK Showroom staircase with black Hag capisco puls chairs
UK Flokk showroom with Flokk mission statement on wall

Flokk is a 'House of Brands' featuring an array of like-minded furniture manufacturers. These include HÅG, RH, Offecct, BMA, RBM and Giroflex. You can find out more about each brand, and what they have to offer on our recently relaunched website here.


Check out our interview below to explore Michael's influences, and see more pictures from the interior project.


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Michael sodeau screenshot from Flokk Video
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About Michael Sodeau Studio

Through his eponymous studio, Michael has designed several top selling designs for Flokk brand Offecct, including the Oyster and Archipelago, as well as a range of products for Modus, Hay and Gervasoni to name a few. He has also worked with a range of brands, restaurants and hotels to design their interior spaces.

We picked out some of our favourite designs below.

Oyster by OFFECCT chair in red
Oyster is an elegant easy chair inspired by the Swedes’ love of shellfish. The design of Oyster weaves sensuality, comfort, and flexibility into a well-proportioned whole.
archipelago offecct table system by FLokk brand offecct
Archipelago is a wooden table and is designed in three sizes, in three different heights with a set of wheels underneath. Its calm expression and tactile surface makes it equally fit for use in the ever changing environment of an office, as well as in the privacy of your home.

OTHR | Time In - Knife

Othr time in knife by michael sodeau

OTHR want to create functional and decorative household items that could help bring technological manufacturing from being novelty to the mainstream. Michael designed a 3D printed set including a serving plate and knife set.


Hay | Anything

Hay Anything office essential collection

Michael Sodeau’s functional collection of office essentials comprises a stapler, tape dispenser and scissors in a stand. Featuring a plastic casing and available in three different colours.

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