Celebrating 40 years of HÅG Capisco: Flokk’s unique design competition

Four top Swedish architect studios compete in a fabric design competition for the iconic HÅG Capisco chair

In a creative and vibrant celebration of the 40th anniversary of the iconic HÅG Capisco chair, Flokk hosted a special competition involving four prominent architect studios in Sweden. Each studio was given a “blank” HÅG Capisco chair and tasked with designing a unique pattern on its fabric, transforming the chair into a piece of art. This initiative highlighted the fusion of functionality and creativity that the HÅG Capisco chair embodies.


Flokk provided the participating studios with a basic kit that included textile and metal paints, and given two weeks to conceptualise and execute their designs. The architects set out to reinterpret the classic chair, bringing their unique perspectives and artistic flair to the project.


The culmination of this creative endeavour was a grand exhibition held at Flokk's Stockholm studio on May 30th. The event drew attention from numerous architect houses and design enthusiasts, all eager to witness the innovative interpretations of the HÅG Capisco chair. Each participating studio presented their final designs and shared the inspirations and thought processes behind their creations.

Tattoo Parlour - by Strategisk Arkitektur

Strategisk: "A forty-year-old who has always challenged norms goes to the tattoo studio in 2024 to celebrate his big milestone day.

The design symbolizes the HÅG Capisco chair's rebellious spirit and its continuous journey of self-expression and evolution."

Cindy Lauper - by Spectrum Arkitekter

Spectrum: "Inspired by Cindy Lauper's 1984 hit "Time After Time," the design pays tribute to the HÅG Capisco chair's enduring legacy, which was also released in 1984.

The connection highlights the chair's faithfulness and timeless appeal, much like the classic song."

40 years and still bold! - by Studio Stockholm
Studio Stockholm: Simple yet striking, the architects wrapped the number "40!" around the chairs fabric, in recognition of the milestone anniversary of the chair.
Sketch - by Tengbom Arkitekter

Tengbom: Tengbom interpreted the chair by reducing it to its most fundamental form: a sketch, a line, a free form that dances across the paper. HÅG Capisco is about movement, just like sketching.

When sketching there are no boundaries. it is when all architects, artists and designers begin their creation.

The designs were then by a jury comprising Johanna Hedström, Flokk Head of Marketing, Esa Airas, Managing Director for Gabriel fabrics in Sweden, and furniture designer Ronja Reuber. After thorough deliberation, the jury selected the winning design, created by Spectrum Architects. The victorious design, affectionately named the “Cindy Lauper Chair,” stood out for its bold and imaginative approach, capturing the spirit of innovation that the HÅG Capisco chair represents.


Johanna Hedström, speaking on behalf of the Jury praised the standard of entries;

"The assignment was to interpret the essence of HÅG Capisco and its significance to you. Thank you to all the studios for participating in this competition! Every entry exceeded our expectations and completed the assignment with flying colours. While the competition was incredibly close, there can only be one winner. The winning design embodies a profound concept, skillfully applied to a swivel chair, showcasing its potential for renewal. As Cindy Lauper sang 40 years ago, 'Caught up in circles, time after time.' Congratulations to Spectrum Architects!"


As a reward for their exceptional work, Spectrum Architects will receive six HÅG Capisco chairs for their office, enhancing their workspace with the same inspiration they poured into their winning design. Additionally, they will be presented with a poster featuring a professional illustration of their design, serving as a diploma to celebrate their achievement and display with pride.

Competition Jury (L-R): Johanna Hedström, Flokk Head of Marketing, Esa Airas, Managing Director for Gabriel fabrics in Sweden, and furniture designer Ronja Reuber.
Architects and design enthusiasts gather at Flokk's Stockholm studio to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the iconic HÅG Capisco chair.

Speaking of the competition Spectrum Architects remarked,


"We loved the competition concept – working together hands-on and within a short time frame was fun and challenging, and it deepened our understanding of Flokk's impact in the furniture world. Our interpretation reinforces Capisco's shapes and highlights its importance in design history by adding a layer of poetic elegance and a playful flirtation with the 80s. Winning feels especially rewarding because it was a collaborative effort from everyone in our office, and it's an honor to be recognized among such talented architectural studios!"


Flokk’s design competition not only celebrated the milestone of the HÅG Capisco chair but also underscored the chair’s timeless appeal and adaptability. By involving the creative minds of Sweden’s top architects, Flokk has once again showcased the chair's ability to inspire and evolve, ensuring its place as a beloved piece of design history for years to come.


Our thanks go out to everyone involved, everyone who attended the event, and of course, to Peter Opsvik for creating such an iconic design that inspired this competition.


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