Creative workspace design for leading VFX studio Goodbye Kansas

The new studio for award winning visual effects team Goodbye Kansas features an interior designed in collaboration with Senab, with direct input from the artists working at the studio. This stunning workspace features an array of custom made furnishings and a wide range of high performance Flokk seating solutions.

Goodbye Kansas Studios make a wide range of visual effects (VFX), from animation to motion capture, for the film, television and gaming industries. With an impressive résumé including titles such a The Walking Dead, Kick-Ass & Borg Vs McEnroe, it’s likely you have already seen some of their work, which has received numerous awards.


Describing themselves as a “large start-up”, the company has grown from 18 to 250 employees in 5 years, and now operates in four countries. Such rapid growth meant that the team based in the Stockholm HQ needed new premises to facilitate their growing repertoire of expertise.


After a two-year development process, Goodbye Kansas moved into what is today known as “The Copper House”, (so-called for its beguiling copper-clad exterior,) a stunning building in Hammarby Sjöstad, Stockholm, designed by architects AIX for property developers Fabege.

exterior image of copper house building in stockholm, home to Goodbye Kansas Studios

The roof of the building is equipped with solar panels facing the right direction to capture the sun’s energy

office cubicles at goodbye kansas with black HÅG Sofi mesh chairs

HÅG SoFi chairs used in a variety of workstations at Goodbye Kansas

Interior specialists Senab and architects Tengbom worked in collaboration with the company to create an interior scheme every bit as exciting as the effects produced by the studio, including the design for a variety of creative, computer-based and relaxation spaces.


It was the ambition for the studio to allow the artists to have as much influence as possible in how the final design was to look, whilst simultaneously keeping much of the finished article a secret for a big surprise opening. This led to only two employees collecting all the various staff's input and working with Senab and Tengbom to visualise the final concept.


This process facilitated the creation of a variety of custom-made environments and furnishings, from studio booths that appear as old TV sets and stereos, to conference rooms resembling Sci-fi film sets. The studio also houses one of the world’s most modern Motion Capture studios equipped with advanced 3D face & body scanner technology, the only studio in Europe featuring the same technology used to create the stunning visual effects for James Cameron’s Avatar film.


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black HÅG Capisco chairs used at visual effects studio goodbye kansas in motion capture studio room

HÅG Capisco chairs were specified in the motion capture studio at Goodbye Kansas to allow operators a wide range of movement and flexibility, perfect for the dynamic environment

Goodbye kansas workspace featuring HÅG SoFi Chairs

Additional workspaces featuring HÅG SoFi chairs

As well as custom-designed furniture, Goodbye Kansas Studios are equipped with several Flokk designs. A combination of unorthodox design, strong ergonomics, comfort and durability led to the specification of Flokk chairs in almost every area, from work desks to studios and rest areas. The designs all received strong positive feedback from the employees when unveiled, and are a welcome addition to the overall aesthetic of the interior scheme.


HÅG Capisco chairs are used by the operators of the motion capture studios. These chairs are lightweight and flexible, offering the range of movement needed to work in such a fast-paced and dynamic environment. Equipped with foot rings, they also work well on the high desks in use at the recording facility.


HÅG SoFi chairs with mesh backs also feature in many of the desk-based work areas, with RH Extend chairs also in use in additional workstations. Both offer great comfort for extended sitting tasks, providing ergonomic support and easy movement to counter the inverse health effects associated with long hours at the keyboard.


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private office featuring HÅG SoFi chair with blalck walls and marshall guitar amp

The studio includes a range of private offices, featuring creative artwork and fittings. Featured chair: HÅG SoFi

Goodbye Kansas Motion Capture studio featuring HÅG Capisco chairs

Many of the major gaming companies are queuing up to record advanced Performance Capture for their games and film or TV productions. Featured chair: HÅG Capisco

One of the unique aspects of the project was the need for secrecy. With the studio often working on top-secret material, there was a need for the workspace layout to cater for location-based shutoffs, with certain sections sealed from entry, whilst allowing for the rest of the studio to work as normal.


“The Swedish sections of the Goodbye Kansas Group are currently dispersed across several different sites in Stockholm and Uppsala. The new building at Hammarbyterassen will finally allow us to bring all our cutting-edge expertise under one roof... Our copper-clad building is the perfect home for all these activities, and will function as both a forum and a landmark within our industry; a symbol of a future industry with high ambitions.”
- Peter Levin, Co-Founder Goodbye Kansas & Group CEO
Interested in seeing their work? Watch the Goodbye Kansas Showreel below
goodbye kansas showreel screengrab

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