desk exercises working from home chair yoga using a HÅG Capisco

Desk exercises : Keeping active when working from home

Staying active whilst working from home can be a real challenge for some. We've put together a set of easy to follow desk exercises to help relieve tired muscles and invigorate your daily routine.

Lets face it - working from home presents a unique challenge when it comes to looking after our personal wellbeing. Release from the daily commute may seem a godsend, but it is just one of many ways our body stays active throughout the working day.


No trips to the canteen, meetings held from your desk, and socialising reduced to screen time - all of this can have a drastic impact on our posture and overall health, which in turn puts pressure on our general wellbeing.


One thing we can all do is take a few moments, a couple of times a day, to invigorate our bodies, stretch out those tired muscles and give our minds a boost of energy.

We've put together a short set of exercises focusing on some of the muscles, tendons and body parts which are put under the most stress when sat at a desk.


Whilst we devised these exercises to take advantage of the unique qualities of one of our most popular chairs, the HÅG Capisco, that shouldn't stop you from having a go at these exercises on your traditional office chair. Just remember to ensure it is sturdy enough and your floor surface is not slippery.


You can download a copy of the exercises here, or scroll down to see more.


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working from home desk exercises and chair yoga

Images feature yoga instructor Loussin-Torah Pilikian @loussintorah

The HÅG Capisco - A chair for movement

The HÅG Capisco is all about movement, designed to encourage continuous postural movement throughout the day, naturally keeping you active without impacting your productivity. Hear from Flokk Business Development Manager James McGarvey about the unique qualities of the HÅG Capisco in the video below

HÅG Capisco video about the qualities of the ergonomical design behind desk chair
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Join us - Live Yoga with Flokk

If you are looking for more ways to stay active, why not join us for our weekly yoga sessions, every Tuesday from 7 pm CEST over on our Instagram channel @Flokk_design


A friendly session perfect for beginners and the experienced alike; run by Flokk Furniture consultant and fully qualified Yoga Instructor Lauren Leigh Thompson.

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