Flokk introduces two new sustainable chairs made from recycled snow plough markers

HÅG Tion and HÅG Celi join HÅG Capisco Puls in our line up of chairs made using recycled snow plough markers, a sustainable 100% recycled plastic material source

This month, we're thrilled to expand our lineup of chairs made from recycled snow plough markers to include both the HÅG Tion and HÅG Celi. Building on the success of our HÅG Capisco Puls, which also utilises this 100% recycled plastic material, we're excited to offer even more sustainable options to our customers. 


"As we look towards the future, sustainability remains at the forefront of our efforts," says Christian Lodgaard, Chief Design Officer at Flokk. "Using recycled snow plough markers isn't just about reducing plastic waste; it's also about cutting down on the carbon footprint of making our chairs. Already both HÅG Tion & HÅG Celi are made using close to 100% recycled plastic, but with this project, we are tapping into a fraction of waste materials otherwise overlooked, and destined for landfill or incineration. By incorporating this unique material into more of our products, we're not only advancing sustainability but also reshaping perceptions of waste utilisation in the furniture industry."


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HÅG Tion 2140Location: Team Tomorrow

HÅG Celi 9140 |  Location: Team Tomorrow

What makes these chairs truly special is their unique colour palette. Derived from a blend of orange and black markers, the resulting hue adds a touch of personality to each piece. This distinctive colour not only sets the chairs apart but also serves as a reminder of their origins, bringing users closer to the story behind the material. It's a subtle yet meaningful connection to the journey of transformation from discarded markers to functional furniture, enriching the experience of every user.


"Furthermore, it's important to note that the use of recycled snow plough marker plastic in our chairs does not compromise their quality." Says Christian, continuing; "Our rigorous quality control ensures that these chairs maintain the same longevity and strength as other HÅG chairs, with the added benefit of a lower carbon footprint, helping our customers reduce their environmental impact."


"Additionally, beyond the environmental benefits, the utilization of long-life products crafted from recycled materials also contributes to reducing the overall cost of ownership for our customers."

HÅG Tion & HÅG Celi in recycled snow plough marker plastic will be available to order soon.
Design your perfect chair using our online configurator available on our product pages, or visit one of our showrooms to find out more.

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