Flokk join Skift – Norwegian leaders of climate change in action

Ambitious climate goals, realistic solutions – Flokk are proud to join Skift, climate leaders in the Norwegian business community, and the driving force for Norway to reach its climate goals by 2030.

At Flokk we are always looking for opportunities to work towards and promote the circular economy, which is why we are happy to announce that we have joined Skift, a growing group of Norwegian top executives working together to reach a zero-emission society.


With the simple mandate to enact serious changes to reduce the threat of major climate change, Skift aims to take the lead and show the real business opportunities available for every company in the transition to zero-emission, focusing on a range of projects to inspire and encourage every business, no matter how big or small, to take this journey with us.


Speaking on joining Skift, Lars Ivar Røiri, CEO of Flokk says “We believe it is important to expose our own initiatives and ambitions and then inspire and influence others. In Skift, we see exactly that initiative, here we can share knowledge, inspire each other and stand together in the public exchange of words about what it takes to realize the green shift fast enough. As well as making it a competitive advantage.”


Lars Ivar Røiri, CEO of Flokk (Left) & Christian Lodgaard, Senior Vice President of Flokk (Right)

What is Skift?

Skift brings together the most climate-ambitious companies in Norway. This expertise helps to set ambitious yet realistic climate goals, offering a clear strategy that other companies can follow to contribute not only to green value creation but also to new jobs and a reduction in emissions.


Sustainability projects are pioneered in a wide range of industries, with the results freely shared, and resources made public for others to follow.


With Flokk having clearly established eco-criteria since 1993, Skift is the perfect opportunity for us to share our extensive knowledge and experience when it comes to sustainability goals and adopting circular design principles. This is especially true when it comes to using recycled materials, a particular focus for Flokk, with annual goals set for the amount of recycled plastic we use, and our latest products comprising of over 60% recycled materials.


“What gives the greatest and most immediate effect for a company like ours, is the use of as much recycled material as possible in production. It gives the lowest possible climate footprint and at the same time addresses the waste problem associated with plastic,” says Christian Lodgaard, Senior Vice President of Flokk, continuing; “This is at the heart of what we do. Both figures will continue to rise, so the climate footprint will continue to fall.”


The RH New Logic has a carbon footprint of just 95.5KG, the equivalent consumption of 28 hours of mobile phone usage. It is also made from 61% recycled materials, making it our most sustainable design to date.⁣

Speaking about the inclusion of Flokk in Skift, Bjørn Kjærand Haugeland, CEO of Skift says; “We are very happy to have Flokk in the Shift Network. Flokk is Europe's leading specialist in furniture for the workplace and meeting place and is behind the production of the well-known Norwegian brand HÅG with which we all have a relationship. All products are designed and manufactured with a view to having a minimal impact on the environment, and at the same time having a long service life. Flokk is a production company that represents a new and important perspective into the Shift Network.”


Click here for more information and to explore some of the recent projects and initiatives of Skift.

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