Recent audit places Flokk in top 5 most sustainable furniture brands

Flokk recognised for progressive sustainable developments in furniture manufacture in a recent survey of leading furniture brands

A recent survey by design procurement consultancy Dodds & Shute placed Flokk as the 4th most sustainable furniture brand in the world, based on a series of demanding requirements across the entire business.


The survey looks at five key criteria – Governance, materials, production, people and innovation – awarding a certain amount of points based on their performance in these areas. These are then added together to give a final score, of which Flokk received a score of 94.5/100, scoring maximum points in governance, people and innovation.


Speaking about the methodology, Dodds & Shute said; “The scoring was done in a way to capture more activities and nuances in companies’ practices. The Materials and Production categories were given the most weight to reflect their greater impact on the environment. These categories get to the heart of how a product is designed and the processes it goes through, which significantly impact the product’s sustainability through an entire life cycle. This is where companies should be encouraged to improve, and where they should be praised for good practice.”


Chart from Dodds & Shute sustainability report | visit site

One of the key issues Dodds & Shute wanted to highlight was the locality of manufacturing and the value manufacturers assign to where tey produce and source materials globally. 


Dodds & Shute: "Manufacturing locally has all sorts of benefits, from supporting the local community and economy, ensuring valuable trade skills aren't lost, reducing carbon footprint, overseeing quality control, improving service and adaptability; through to government regulation on labour rights, working conditions, minimum wage and equality."


As a manufacturer, Flokk shares this thinking. Since 2011 we have systematically worked on concentrating our supply chain on fewer suppliers, with a 2018 audit showing 46% of our suppliers based in Scandinavia, 31% in Western Europe and 21% in Western Europe, with just 2% based further afield.


Speaking on the subject, Flokk Senior SVP Christian Lodgaard says; “Even though it might have helped us to bring new products to market more often, we have refused to chase lower production costs by going to the Far East with our production. We have made it a priority to stay in and support local communities like Røros, Nässjö, Turek.”


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supplychain location

Chart from Dodds & Shute sustainability report | visit site

The survey features top furniture manufacturers from across Europe, including Germany, UK, Sweden, Denmark, Spain and Italy, with an 85% response rate from the manufacturers questioned.


Dodds & Shute launched the audit back in 2018, in an attempt to gain a greater understanding of the sustainability of the brands they work with. They argue that the traditional metrics of measurement do not tell the whole picture anymore.


Dodds & Shute: “Too many platforms are based upon outdated information models which do not reflect the modern-day requirements of designers looking to make quick, and educated sustainable decisions… Our idea is for a more transparent and informative way of sharing information, to have platforms that will enable users to filter with more valuable criteria; the sustainability performance of a business, where goods are manufactured, if made from FSC, recycled material, low VOC or designed for a circular economy, etc.”


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Chart from Dodds & Shute sustainability report | visit site


Chart from Dodds & Shute sustainability report | visit site

Whilst Flokk scored highly, the overall picture confirmed that there is still work to be done within the furniture industry.


“We see the traditional shortcomings in our sector and the role it has played in turning a blind eye to these issues,” says the introduction to the report, continuing; “Research has shown that the Furniture, Fixtures & Equipments fit out has a significant impact on the environmental performance of a building because of its comparatively short life span. The decisions that are made in this regard are fundamental and it is essential that more care and consideration is taken to what is put inside our homes, hotels, restaurants, offices, schools and developments.


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