Flokk reaffirm commitment to environmentally sustainable design

Flokk CEO Lars Roiri and Christian Lodgaard, Flokk SVP Product & Brands speak out about Flokk’s continued passion for conscious furniture design and ambitious future goals.

As the last of the COP26 government delegates depart from Glasgow, one thing remains abundantly clear - Governments alone can not be trusted to enforce the changes needed to survive the effects of unchecked C02 emissions and pollution. Organisations, especially large ones, have an increasing responsibility to take things into their own hands, making significant steps towards circular principles and reduced environmental impact. 


With over 40 years' history of a structured focus on the environment, Flokk is the leader in the development of sustainable furniture. Earlier this year, Flokk announced ambitious 2030 sustainability goals, targeting a drastic reduction in the company's carbon footprint through less energy-intensive production, a higher % of renewable energy consumption, and an ever-increasing share of recycled and renewable materials. These ambitions represent a continuation of the tradition  of a strong pace in sustainability improvements at scale.


More recently, Flokk CEO Lars Roiri has reaffirmed the commitment of Flokk in regards to its approach to the environment, and the belief that the goals set are wholy acheivable.


Lars Roiri; “What started as an inner conviction amongst a few, has become defining to our culture and who we are, across all Flokk brands… Becoming sustainable doesn’t happen overnight. Our commitment to sustainable design dates back to the 80’s, and here we are four decades later, with Flokk being the European market leader of conscious workplace solutions. I am convinced that the high goals we have set for ourselves are within reach, considering the devotion and capabilities I witness around me every day.”


Also speaking in the film is Flokk SVP Christian Lodgaard, who oversees the development of new products, a role that presents unique opportunities for Flokk to improve its environmental impact.


Christian: "These days we are really experiencing that our long-term investments in sustainability are giving us an edge in the marketplace... Building new production methods always takes a lot of effort; from introducing circular design principles to sourcing the right materials, to keeping our people safe and enabling local production. I believe that it will be unthinkable, quite soon, to be a successful brand without being truly green.


Hear from Lars & Christian in the video below

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Conscious workplace design


Flokk aspires to be an environmentally conscious market leader whose circular products, services and processes are resource and energy-efficient, generate minimum greenhouse gas emissions, do not present a risk to health or the environment, and result in minimal waste generation.


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