Inside a jeweller's workshop - Atelier seating with Ruth Tomlinson

When Designer Ruth Tomlinson relocated her atelier, she chose Flokk to help furnish her new workspace, giving us a chance to speak about her unique perspective on jewellery design, and how having the perfect working environment helps to foster creativity and craftsmanship.

close up of jeweller Ruth Tomlinson working on a piece of jewellery with her hands on a wooden clamp
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Located in the old city of London, Hatton Garden is world-famous as a jewellery hotspot and the epicentre of the UK diamond trade. It is full of established and emerging talent, from goldsmiths to engravers, with a host of new designers re-invigorating the area.


“I am driven by my passion for the earth's treasures"

When taking a look around Ruth’s new atelier, it’s immediately apparent that she has an unusual approach to the way she designs her pieces.


Ruth: “We try to use metal in quite a different way, so it looks like it’s grown around the stone and it’s quite organic, and almost sort of liquid… It never looks sort of highly polished and shiny but it’s supposed to look like it’s had a bit of a life.”


Whilst unconventional, her work is undoubtedly beautiful, and the organic, life-inspired designs are truly fascinating to behold. The unpolished metals, the often unsymmetrical placement of jewels, and the sheer individuality add a magical quality, making them feel like treasures of the past.

exterior of brick building housing Ruth tomlinsons atelier in London with blue door
Portrait of Ruth Tomlinson sat in a brown leather HÅG Capisco chair

Asked about what inspires her work, Ruth explains her joint love of antique jewellery and the world around her.


Ruth: “I am driven by my passion for the earth's treasures; the magic of minutiae, tiny intricacies, small imperfections, and the individual’s search for preciousness… and I just really loved the fact that people wanted to wear what I had created and it’s something that I loved making.”


“I’m very much a designer-maker creating sort of a quite ethereal sort of romantic feeling jewellery. And jewellery that’s inspired by both historical and antique jewellery but using the stones in quite an unusual and modern way. We often use grey diamonds, and they don’t have to be perfect… a lot of antique ones are hand-cut so they have quite a human feel to them.”


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jewellery workshop interior with Brown leather HÅG capisco chairs are workbenches

Ruth chose brown leather HÅG Capisco chairs for the workstations of her atelier, used by the jewellers when doing intricate work.

jewellery store customer meeting area, featuring white RBM noor chairs at a table

Ruth's client meeting area features white RBM Noor chairs with a light grey fabric chair cushion

With a range of fabric choices, Ruth was able to find the right combination of atelier seating that worked in her space, opting for leather in the creative spaces, and a grey felt in the client zone.


Ruth: “Leather was incredibly practical for the workshop, and we really wanted a natural colour which goes with everything else in the atelier and something that will age well with time… and we love the felt because it also got that craft kind of feel, it’s got a softness to it and its really nice for our client areas because it feels sort of a more homely.”


Ruth complimented the HÅG Capisco with RBM Noor chairs, a smaller more functional chair for tighter spaces.


Ruth “We chose the RBM Noor because we really liked the sort of slick sort of Scandinavian feel to the chair. They look really beautiful and they are also really comfortable and feel very luxurious. I love the fact that it’s stackable because we have got a small space so it’s perfect for us.”


“We went into the showroom and there were just so many different options for colour and upholstery, so we could really tailor what we wanted and what we needed for the workshop and the consultation area… I really love they are made to order and the fact that it’s made out of sustainable materials. It blends so well with what we do and the company and our ethos.”


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office interior for Ruth Tomlinson Jewellery store, featuring Grey HÅG Capisco and RBM Noor chairs
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