Inspiring summer interior design ideas for your home

With summer on the horizon, we've got some great ideas for you to have some fun with your home design, whatever room, to add some fresh vibes and a summer feel.

The change of seasons is a perfect opportunity to play around with interior design themes, and none better than the beginning of the summer. Longer, brighter days and the promise of having friends and family come to visit can give you the motivation to make your home as warm and uplifting as the outdoors. And with many of us still working from home for the foreseeable future, now is the chance to add some summer character to your home office to brighten up your working day.


"Now is the time to change things around your home. After a long and tiring winter, a quick makeover will help lift your spirits, especially if you continue to work remotely." Says Jenny Kakoudakis, founder and creative director of the award-winning interiors website Seasons in Colour, who continues;


"When it comes to colours, I prefer warm, earthy ones: terracotta, brown and sand are colours that remind me of holidays in the sun. This is a restful palette to have around your home and one that you can easily work with whether your home is contemporary or has period featured. It also allows for layering and adding depth in a room."


From sandy beaches to tropical forests, or all-out worship of the sun, we share with you our top design trends to follow, including some great ideas on furniture to add to your environment to match these trends.


Featured (L-R): HÅG Capisco 8106 | RBM Noor Wooden Leg | HÅG Futu 1100 | RBM Noor 4 leg | RBM Noor Sledgebase | HÅG Capisco Puls

Searching for the seaside

Creating the beach vibe in your home is a classic summer design trend. Think ocean shades of blue, from royal to sea green, paired with sandy yellows. As with most summer interior design ideas, you’ll want to keep walls as light as possible (white is a great choice), but playing with furniture and fittings can add those splashes of colour which give you that beachy, nautical effect.


When it comes to furniture, we have a range of fabrics in both our standard (available to use on our online design tool) and extended (contact your local showroom for more details) collections available across all of our chairs, including some fantastic blue shell colours on our RBM Noor and HÅG Capisco Puls chairs.


Featured (L-R): RBM Noor Wooden Leg, RH Mereo, RBM Noor 4 leg, HÅG Futu, giroflex 313, RBM Noor Up, HÅG Capisco, RBM Noor Up

Bring the outside in

We spent a lot of time outdoors in the summer, so bringing some of that back in with you can really create that seasonal interior effect. Tall standing houseplants, stunning artworks, or realistic fake plants are the perfect way to add this effect, but you can also do it with your furniture.


Lush and vibrant greens and natural woods and yellow hues help you embrace summer. Pairing them with white backgrounds allows colours to pop and stop the forest feel from becoming overbearing. We have picked out some of our favourite fabrics and designs below to give you some ideas on creating this theme in your home.


Featured (L-R): RBM Noor Wooden Leg, RH Logic, HÅG Capisco, HÅG Capisco, HÅG Futu, RBM Noor Sledgebase, RBM Noor Wooden Leg

All-natural fibres

Natural fibres are being used in more interesting ways than ever before, and they are great at making your home feel natural, rustic and calming. They add texture, are often hard-wearing, and their neutral tone makes them a companion for many colour schemes. They also add a touch of nautical (think ships ropes) to compliment a beachy theme.


"Use soft furnishings to mark the transition to warmer weather and longer days." Says Jenny, adding; "For example, I always switch velvet cushions for linen ones during Spring/Summer."


Flokk work with a range of great textile companies offering authentic fabrics including woollen designs with exquisite depth and detail. We’ve put a few examples on our board above, but there are plenty more available in both our standard and extended collections.


Bonus tips

White is your friend: Using white can brighten up any space, and using white as the dominant colour can compliment any of the above design trends.


Pops of colour: Dropping in a bold pop of colour is a great way to add character to an otherwise muted decor.


Shiny metals: With the sun out, metallics shine. What better way to make your interior sparkly than with a few pieces of polished metals such as bronze or copper.



Stylish furniture for the home and workplace

The Flokk 'House of Brands' offers a wide selection of inclusive and sustainable furniture, made in collaboration with internationally celebrated designers. With a wide selection of fabrics, materials and options, there's truly something for every style. 


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