Interior design boutique Mouche Collective offer immersive style experience

A haven for those seeking stunning interior ideas, we explore Gothenburg's Mouche Collective, featuring the RH New Logic

The Mouche Collective is a creative destination for all things beautiful – a place to explore, experience and devour. From exclusive shopping location to event hosting and photoshoots, The Mouche Collective is a place for those looking for an inspirational environment, and they have carved out a niche in the centre of the Swedish city of Gothenburg.


Orchestrators of style

Established in 2004 as a small boutique store, The Mouche Collective has grown over the years into a complete style experience, a visually stunning, carefully curated environment to meet and mingle, to explore and discover, and where everything is for sale.


“Mouche is known as the orchestrators of style, interior and art, visualized through innovative, contextual and inspirational spaces.” Says Founder Johanna Silver, who continues, “We are a network for artists that provide a creative and inspiring environment with unique and limited-edition pieces.”


The team behind Mouche are very selective in the items they put on show and sale. Founder Johanna Silver's creative core and curious mindset has led to more than a decade of travels, exploring and experiencing the corners of the world. Back in Sweden, her journey continues with a mission to create and deliver something extraordinary, with focus on design, art, interior fashion and beauty.

various photos of john lennon and yoko ono with artwork on a wall and table

New items are added with the aim to provide an exciting and extraordinary environment, introducing new and upcoming brands combined with vintage, art and rare collector items. Mouche carefully selects brands in line with the core values of the company – delivering creativity, style, innovation, ethics and modernity, focusing on products and brand with entreating stories to tell.


And in this inspiring environment, everything is for sale; the arts on the walls, the rugs under your feet or the lights above your head.


The RH New Logic

Recently included in the Mouche Collective’s collection was the RH New Logic. The Updated visual design lends itself perfectly to more stylized environments, something which the Mouche collective picked up on;


“RH does a beautiful mix between design and great function in their products, making them perfect to use in creative commercial projects where design and ergonomics is the core concept.”


Launching in September 2019 the RH New Logic is the result of a five-year-long process, developed in collaboration with designers Jonas Stokke and Øystein Austad, and involving architects and designers input at every stage, ensuring that it meets every demand.

If you want to visit the Mouche Collective, find out more details via their website, where you can also sign up the Mouche Collective newsletter for information on upcoming events and happenings.

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