Velocité - The city as an office

Meet Velocité, the courier company with a sustainable ethos, and a passion for getting things done as fast as possible

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Velocité, as the name would suggest, are all about speed. This hard working team of cyclists hand deliver upwards of 300 items a day across the country of Switzerland, even sending items via high speed train to reach their destination in the quickest time possible. Established in 1999, the Swiss rapid delivery service has grown from a single courier in the City of Lausanne, to a multicity enterprise consisting of more than 50 employees, with an impressive list of alumni including world and Swiss bike riding champions.


On the road

The city of Lausanne is built on a hill next to a lake, and the difference from shore-side to the top of town is as much as 500m, which requires some serious pedal power, especially if its windy and rainy. As you would expect, performance and fitness is very important, but it’s not just the couriers who need to stay in top condition. The bikes are as much part of the team, with top range cycles lovingly maintained by the team, with a strong focus on endurance and reparability when it comes to choosing their bikes.


Whilst speed is key, the company are proud of their incredibly low carbon footprint. Every item is couriered by bike, 365 days a year, no matter the weather. Smaller packages can be transported using traditional road cycles, whilst larger packages can be moved from A to B using their special transporter bicycle, which is also electrically assisted. For longer distance transport, the team rely on the Swiss rail network (SBB) which is one of the most environmentally friendly railways in Europe, powered 90% by hydropower with a completely electrified network.


Velocité have a range of high performance bikes able to trasport packages, big and small.


In the office

Out of the saddle, Velocité employees spend roughly half of their day in the office, managing calls and organising the workload for the rest of the team. Each day one rider is in charge of the kitchen, cooking up nutritious meals for the team to keep them energised for the long days work. The overall ethos of the company is clearly visible in their office workspace – highly functional, performance focused, sustainable and friendly. As with their bikes, this is also clear in the chairs the team use.


The Velocité office features a fleet of giroflex 64 chairs from Flokk brand Giroflex. Designed by Swiss industrial engineer Paolo Fancelli, the Giroflex 64 features the Giroflex trademark synchronized mechanism, a piece of precision engineering which coordinates the backrest tilt and the seat to allow smooth motion whilst seated. What that means is your body can stretch and your joints can move naturally, making circulation easier, posture comfortable and overall seating experience better. All of this helps the team stay relaxed, and keep their body in peak condition whilst awaiting their next delivery.


A Cradle to Cradle Certified chair, the Giroflex 64 is produced with consumption optimised processes resulting in massive CO2 savings. It is also incredibly durable, spare parts are easily available, and at end of life can be disassembled and recycled. Much like their bikes, their chairs are powerful tools, that when treated right, can last a lifetime.



Velocite team choose the comfortable textile Synergy Quilt Hourglass from Camira.


Featured: giroflex 64 medium back in Quilt Hourglass (QSH17 Mutual) by Camira Fabrics

Experience the giroflex 64

giroflex 64 is a global million seller classic office chair, guaranteeing perfect seating comfort. The dual-zone seat profile used on this chair for the first time ensures support and wellbeing throughout your working day Available in a wide range of configurations, colours and finishes and the individuality of the occupants is reflected in the variety of seat and back sizes we offer. 


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Featured: Giroflex 64

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