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Redefining the showroom experience at Stockholm Design Week 2024

Join us at our Stockholm showroom this February as we reveal our stunning new showroom experience as designed by Norwegian-born, London-based design duo Hunting & Narud

At next month’s Stockholm Design Week, Hunting & Narud will unveil their innovative redesign of the Flokk showroom in Stockholm. Challenging conventions, the new showroom will be a dynamic and fully functional space seamlessly integrating workspaces and collaborative zones, creating inspiring ideas for modern workspace design


Hunting & Narud: “Traditionally, showrooms act as static spaces where products are displayed on pedestals, detached from the vibrancy of actual working environments. In contrast, our concept for the Flokk showroom was to forge a dynamic and fully functional space without the restrictions of traditional product presentation.”


Exploring the showroom, you will discover a space thoughtfully divided into various zones, each serving different aspects of modern work life.

Flokk_meet the designers huntingNarud
Designers Hunting & Narud previously worked with Flokk on the design of the HÅG Tion and HÅG Celi, as well as our 2022 Connect exhibition, also in Stockholm

What you will find

At the heart of the new space is FLOKK STUDIO, a dedicated material library showcasing the diverse building blocks that constitute Flokk products. From recycled plastics to a varied wood range, the studio encapsulates Flokk's DNA, allowing users to personalise their furniture.


FLOKK LOUNGE evolves into a multifaceted space where soft furnishings, informal meeting spots, and collaborative opportunities converge, fostering a welcoming environment for visitors, clients, and Flokk staff to connect and collaborate freely.


FLOKK EAT reimagines the office kitchen, becoming a central hub for both work and socialization, blurring the lines between formal and informal settings.


In FLOKK FOCUS, the design caters to diverse work styles, seamlessly blending individual focus with collaborative opportunities. The entire showroom encourages meaningful interactions and idea exchange, supporting the evolving nature of teamwork across various zones.


The FLOKK TREEHOUSE provides a retreat within the bustling environment, offering a space surrounded by tactile and green hues for individuals to recharge, rethink, or engage in private conversations. With a focus on acoustics, this intimate space strikes a balance between privacy and openness.

Plan your visit

Stockholm Design Week | Tuesday 6th February – Friday 9th February

Where: Flokk Showroom, Rosenlundsgatan 40, trapphus B 3 tr.

Opening hours: 9am – 5pm


Our showroom will be open to visitors throughout Stockholm Design Week. As part of the Stockholm Design District, our showroom will also be open to visitors during the event held in the building on the evening of Wednesday 7th February.




Seminar | ESG-Shaping the future with the human perspective

Where: Flokk Showroom, Rosenlundsgatan 40, trapphus B 3 tr.

When: Thursday 8th February, 08:00 - 09:30


About:  The echoes of ESG discussions are heard everywhere, on all levels. The world is increasingly dependent on reliable global value chains that prevent violations of human rights. The people dimension is complex to incorporate and control, but nonetheless important.


Learn how social factors can be made data-driven and help companies navigate the new reporting directives being imposed in 2024 across the EU.


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