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Small home office ideas – featuring ‘My Full House’

Influential interior style blogger ‘My Full House’ shares some tips and design advice when it comes to creating a small home office when space is a premium.

Kasia Rutkowiak is full time interior design writer and blogger based in Poland. Spending much of her adult life living in Denmark, she has a lifelong love of the Scandinavian lifestyle and design, which heavily influences. As well as running popular blog My Full House, she has had articles and pictures published in many leading Interior design magazines.


Having recently renovated her home workspace, we spoke to Kasia to get some design tips on creating your own home office, especially when you have limited space.


We love your home office, tell us all about it


As a full-time blogger, working mostly from home, I designed this space with my personal needs in mind, however, I also had to consider our apartment limitations, as well as family needs - we are many here (My Full House is no accidental name :))


Due to the lack of a separate office space, my entire workspace arrangement is situated in the living room. I did use a big part of the wall to set up a shelving system with a small desk that is just big enough for my computer. There is also enough storage space in the small cabinets for all of my office essentials.


A good thing about a solution like mine is, that having the office in the middle of the apartment forces you to keep things tidy and neat. It is a skill I have learned over the years.  

back view of hag capisco chair in brown paloma leather in home workspace

Featured: HÅG Capisco with leather by Wollsdorf – Paloma Camel 05502 | Photographer: Kasia Rutkowiak

What makes home office furniture different from typical office furniture? What do you look out for?

Office furniture should first and foremost be comfortable, I won’t question that. But I would have difficulties enjoying even the most comfortable chair if I did not like its looks. So when designing a workspace in a private home, I would most definitely look for comfortable pieces that fit our personal style.

I put a lot of attention to detail in my own work, hence it’s also something I look for in my environment and everyday life.


I truly appreciate things that are well made. I often choose “upgraded” versions - in form for better, more durable (or for instance washable) upholstering and things that I know will have a chance to age nicely. High-quality materials make such a huge difference!

Finally, I like universal solutions, meaning that I will rather opt for a neutral colour than a striking one. A great pop of colour can be amazing, but it also dominates the space and makes it more difficult for other pieces to fit in.

That being said, a full-colour match choice does not have to look boring. Choosing a Camel coloured leather for my HÅG Capisco I already had plans for painting the wall beige. The result is very “matchy”, yet the chair gets a huge amount of compliments from my followers, as it does look amazing, despite its blend-in colour.


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HÅG Capisco in brown paloma camel leather sideways view at home office desk

Featured: HÅG Capisco with leather by Wollsdorf – Paloma Camel 05502 | Photographer: Kasia Rutkowiak

HÅG Capisco in brown leather at home office desk in living room

Featured: HÅG Capisco with leather by Wollsdorf – Paloma Camel 05502 | Photographer: Kasia Rutkowiak

Talking of your HÅG Capisco, what qualities does it have that make it work for you?


For me, it has all the important ones, which makes it the best solution for someone who sits for many hours, every day (often including weekends!).

First of all, it is extremely comfortable. The possibility of adjusting its height and depth to perfectly fit my body is exceptional. I love the fact that I can sit on it in many ways and that I can recline a bit during my brainstorming sessions.

I have a history of severe lower backache, hence the right sitting position and ergonomics are very important to me. With HÅG Capisco I am absolutely comfortable and my back feels either fully supported or totally relieved as I turn the chair 180 degrees and use it in the reverse position. Actually, I am using this function at the moment, as I am writing this. It’s an amazing feature that I absolutely love!


Secondly - it is beautifully designed. A true eye-pleaser if you ask me. As a huge fan of Peter Opsvik’s works, I truly appreciate being able to benefit from another of his amazing designs.


Last, but not least - it is beautifully made. I went for the leather upholstering as it’s my personal preference and I really like the quality of the materials used, as well as the quality of finish.


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HÅG Capisco chair in brown Paloma camel leather at home office desk

Featured: HÅG Capisco with leather by Wollsdorf – Paloma Camel 05502 | Photographer: Kasia Rutkowiak

And finally, a lot of our readers will be quite limited by space, do you have any advice for people who may not have a dedicated room to work from, and need to create a space within a space?


Choose furniture and solutions within your personal style, however, go for things that are neutral. This way you will create a timeless base that will be easy to style with seasonal pieces and small decorative elements.


Prioritise comfort and consider choosing more hardwearing/care-free options, if possible. Even if they are more expensive, the extra cost will very often pay off tenfold.


Thanks to Kasia Rutkowiak for answering our questions. You can find out my by visiting her blog here, or catching her on Instagram on here.


This article features a gifted product, but her thoughts are her own.

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