Social Media Manager Trine Rasmussen shares her home office story

Exploring working habits and home office lifestyles around the world we chat to Social Media Manager and Instagram personality Trine, who shares with us how she manages her work and family life whilst finding time for interior design projects.

Working from home is becoming a daily reality for more and more people. from rapidly advancing technology and communication platforms, to socio-political situations, it's no longer a niche way of working.


We speak to a colourful range of people from around the world with different jobs and different lifestyles, hearing a little bit about their experiences, and picking up a few tips along the way.


Say hello to our first guest, Trine!


Hi! Can you tell us who you are, where you are based, and what you do?


My name is Trine Rasmussen. I live in a beautiful house in Fredericia, Denmark, a house my husband and I made ourselves a few years ago. I am married and have two children (girls) and I have my own business, working as a social media manager for selected clients. I also run my own Instagram channel with a focus on home interior design and lifestyle.


Featured: HÅG Creed 6006, with Steelcut Trio 383 fabric by Kvadrat, in a black frame and 200mm gaslift.


Featured: HÅG Creed 6006, with Steelcut Trio 383 fabric by Kvadrat, in a black frame and 200mm gaslift.

Take us through your home office setup


My home office needs to be a place where I feel good and like to spend many hours.  It is more important than ever because I spend even more time at home and in my office, so a cosy and charming atmosphere means a lot to me.


Last year I decided to makeover my office, buying a new bookcase and a new ergonomic designed office chair. My style is very Nordic – simple, minimalistic and yet still warm and cosy. 


When did you start working from home, and what do you personally find challenging about working from home?


About 6 months ago I started my own business, working as a Social Media Manager. When you are used to be in a professional office with colleagues, I think the biggest challenge working from home is to create an office space that is inspiring and nice – a place where you really enjoy sitting and spending many hours each day.


How many hours a day are you based in your home office and do you have any tips when it comes to balancing your work/life balance?


On average, I spend 6 hours every day in the office. I like to start early in the morning, as soon as the girls have left for school. Then the house is quiet and I do not get disturbed. When the girls are home in the afternoon, I am done working and we can spend time together as a family, which I really appreciate.


My husband and I also bought and renovated two summerhouses, and we both love the creation process of rebuilding and finding new solutions, so I value the time I have for other projects.


Featured: HÅG Creed 6006, with Steelcut Trio 383 fabric by Kvadrat, in a black frame and 200mm gaslift.

You are using the HÅG Creed chair. Tell us about your experience with it so far


I love the design!


So many office chairs might be good when it comes to ergonomics, but the design is not very nice. With HÅG Creed I feel I get everything – a perfect Nordic design, and yet a chair with so many options so I can customize it to my needs.


Out of the hundreds of fabrics available, I selected the Steelcut Trio fabric in grey (383)  by Kvadrat, with a black frame, in the high back chair model. It's so comfortable and great to work in.


Why choose HÅG Creed?


Do you have any tips for people who may be struggling with working from home?


Well, for me the environment means a lot. As already mentioned, I need a cosy place. Green plants, candles, beautiful flowers, personal pictures, a nice rug or whatever you like.


The point is, create a space where it feels like a warm hug when you enter the room. I have also discovered the joy of having a real office chair. When you have to sit for so many hours, it makes a huge difference.


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