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Sweden's 'most stylish office of the year' is a sustainable centre of innovation and collaboration

The top three placed workspaces in Sweden's most stylish office award for 2020 feature striking and innovative interior spaces, each one with Flokk designs chosen to complete the interior look.

The new headquarters for security systems supplier Axis Communications which picked up the prestigious Sweden's most beautiful office award for 2020. The event, organised by Fastighetssverige and Lokalnytt, was held online this year, on the 24th of March 2021.


Designed by Landén Krantz Architects, the workspace was "designed to give employees the best conditions for future needs for collaboration, innovation and focused work with solutions that make the office a winner even after the pandemic." as explained by Åsa Krantz, Architect and Interior Designer at Landén Krantz Architects.


Built over 42,000 square meters, the Headquarters was officially opened in September 2020, and includes a variety of common areas and individual workspaces for 1,300 employees. Meeting areas are placed strategically with access on each floor to a break room with stunning views of the Lund and Scanian landscape. Smart glass writing boards in the rooftop terraces and courtyards enable outdoor meetings, perfect for meetings during times of social distancing.


A major focus of the design was making sustainable yet high-performance choices. By choosing an array of Flokk designed furniture, the architects were able to meet this objective. Through suppliers Input Interior, the interior design features 1250 RH Extend chairs, as well as several Offecct designs, including the ever-popular Offecct Carry On. As with all brands of Flokk Offecct and RH pride themselves on their sustainable approach, using an array of recycled and recyclable material, as well as meeting strict requirements for eco-certification such as the Mobelfakta and Greenguard ratings.


Congratulations to Landén Krantz Architects for winning the award! You can read more about the workspace project here


Axis Communications AB : Lund, Sweden | Photographs by Åke E: son Lindman | Featured: Offecct Carry On

Runner up awards

We were thrilled to see not just first place, but the second and third most voted for offices also featuring designs from Flokk. Bahnhof Collaborative Workspace AB, which picked up the second most votes, combined human factors with technology and durability. The interior space again featured Offecct Carry On stools. The third-placed office, Klövern AB, also featured designs from Flokk.


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