Swiss creatives Hørde showcase their human centred workspace design approach

Swiss design & advertising agency Hørde open its doors shedding light on the way they work and the impact it has on their workspace design

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Hørde are a design, communication and advertising agency based in Switzerland, creating campaigns for brands such as Nespresso, Swiss Air, and Red Bull. Founded on the belief that the future of communication lies in human and technological interactions, they work hard to make everything about the brand people-centric – working with the right clients, hiring the right people, and the impact that their designs have.


Co-Founder Sylvain Conus; “We founded Hørde for the sake of human interaction. In design, we always try to combine interaction design and communication in our work but our main focus was constantly to find the right people, the ones who could bring Hørde to create outstanding ideas.”

Photographer: Younès Klouche | Featured: giroflex 40

Workspace Design

In order to build a company culture around human interactions, Hørde requires a workspace that encourages discourse, promotes inclusivity, and above all fosters collaboration and creativity. It’s also about creating a healthy working environment and improving workers wellbeing whilst at work. Their recently renovated Lausanne office is home to 20 employees, a majority of whom are employed as creative staff working, working closely together on the next ad campaign or communication project.


The layout of the workspace is open and egalitarian, with several rows of open-plan workstations each row designated to a particular team currently working together on a project. Direct sunlight floods the entire room, amplified by light colour choices and complemented with real plants scattered across the workspace. All they need is a computer to do their work, so minimal tools are required, allowing for an uncluttered aesthetic and clear line of sight between teammates, when not focusing on their computers. The office divides in two by a large unit housing inspirational books, artifacts and office supplies.


The vibrant working culture at Hørde is built upon communication, so staff are used to the often noisy nature of the office, and thrive on the connectivity and ease of collaboration with their colleagues. Those requiring extra concentration can make use of a flexible space designed for private meetings, which can double up as a focus space when unoccupied. 

Mathieu Tornare, co-founder of Hørde: “Everything is human-centric at Hørde, no matter the technology, it’s a matter of people and everything was built and created here to allow a certain working process, but focusing on human interaction. People have to be able to share, discuss, and create together but at some point also cut from the others, concentrate, be on their bubble, and this is what we aim to offer to our colleagues.”

Photographer: Younès Klouche | Featured: giroflex 40

Giroflex 40

The chair Hørde uses neatly aligns with their ethos. Giroflex 40 is designed for dynamic environments. Featuring a synchro-motion ergonomic design, it provides a range of postures, allowing for movement and flexibility whilst providing constant support and comfort – perfect for Hørde’s fast-paced office atmosphere.


Encased in a visually simplified design, giroflex 40 also adds to the overall office aesthetics, with Hørde opting for several complimenting colours. Its easy-to-use controls make it perfect for Hørde’s multi-user workspace, with staff often switching around when different teams are assembled to work on specific projects.


Gaël Faure, Art & Concept Director, Hørde: “The giroflex 40 is very comfortable, it’s also nice as an object in the environment. You really have a feeling of better sitting, it’s holding your back, but completely, at the end of the day, you feel good.


“At some point in your life, you realize that you’re going to spend more time at your office sitting on a chair than on your couch at home, and here at Hørde we emphasize this idea that you have to be able to work in a great environment, in a great place where you can receive clients, celebrate wins, cry on losses, throw parties and just enjoy the life at work with your colleagues and other partners.”

One of the more noticeable visual features of the giroflex 40 is the “O” shape on the backrest, a feature that drew inspiration from Swiss design as well as the design language of previous Giroflex chairs. | Photographer: Younès Klouche | Featured: giroflex 40
Giroflex 40 is designed with synchro motion, empowering natural body movement as you recline in the chair. The more backward you recline the seat, the more your upper body will open up. | Photographer: Younès Klouche | Featured: giroflex 40
About giroflex 40

The elegant, yet energising giroflex 40 is health-focused with an ergonomic design, featuring all the hallmarks of a Giroflex chair - visually simplified to create a softer more approachable chair - perfect for open office landscapes, just as well as in more private office settings.


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