Flokk offer first glimpse of HÅG Celi at Stockholm Design Week

Made from more than 75% post-consumer recycled materials, the HÅG Celi conference chair from Flokk has one of the lowest carbon footprints for a chair of its kind, further cementing Flokk’s pioneering commitment to sustainable workplace design.

On the opening day of Stockholm Design Week, Flokk unveiled their game-changing sustainable conference chair, HÅG Celi. Designed in collaboration with BIG GAME, Hunting & Narud, and Anderson Voll, HÅG Celi has the highest recycled content of any chair designed by Flokk, made from 76% post-consumer recycled and renewable materials, including packaging.


In fact, the total carbon footprint is just 13.8kg for the plastic model, and 12.5kg for the wood model, - including packaging – a figure independently verified in the HÅG Celi Environmental Product Declaration (EPD).


HÅG Celi was born out of the same design project as the HÅG Tion, benefiting from the ground-breaking research & technology to create our first full range of coloured polypropylene (PP) plastic components made from recycled post-consumer materials – literally turning household waste into high-end furniture.


Watch - Designing HÅG Tion & HÅG Celi


New for the HÅG Celi is an exciting partnership with Hydro, Norway’s world-leading producer of recycled aluminium, committed to making high-quality sustainable solutions. By using 75% post-consumer extruded aluminium in the chair, not only are we reusing waste materials, but using 82% less energy than creating virgin aluminium, whilst potentially reducing CO2 emissions by 88%.


The result is a uniquely sustainable conference chair, comprising 76% post-consumer recycled and renewable materials, designed for disassembly, with energy-efficient production.


Christian Lodgaard, Senior Vice President, Flokk: ‘’Our environmental philosophy contains a number of no-compromise elements. Maximizing use of post-consumer recycled material, is one of them. With Hydro we found a perfect match in this thinking, and the technological savviness & determination to bring new sustainable solutions to life at scale.’’ 


More details on HÅG Celi, including information on how to purchase, will be available on our website in the coming weeks.


Stockholm Design Week 2022

HÅG Celi has been officially unveiled at CONNECT, an interactive exhibition by Flokk held during Stockholm Design Week, offering you the chance to connect and interact with a world of colours and materials in a playful environment. However, taking centre stage is the HÅG Tion, a chair born out of the same creative process as HÅG Celi released last year, but when much of the world was under covid restrictions.


HÅG Tion co-designers Hunting & Narud: " After several years of development (of HÅG Tion) a digital launch which however good, didn’t quite feel the same. We are proud of all the work that has gone into this collaboration and have lots of materials to show and interesting conversations to hold. We really want to show people HÅG Tion in real life."


Taking place from 6th-9th September CONNECT is an immersive experience curated by Hunting & Narud, featuring an abstract real-life configurator that encourages the visitor to have a go and combine materials, finishes, shapes, and colours all of which are available with the HÅG Tion.


Across the week Flokk will also host a range of talks, workshops, and seminars, as well as a range of new and exciting products from OFFECCT.


Click the link below to learn more.


Flokk @ SDW 2022


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