Flokk surveys 100 Sustainability Managers on workplace sustainability priorities

Discover the top sustainability priorities in the workplace as Flokk surveys 100 sustainability managers in Sweden, unveiling key insights for creating environmentally conscious work environments.

A recent survey by Flokk found that despite most sustainability managers recognizing the importance of considering the environmental impact of office furniture, over 50% admit to a lack of knowledge - a significant obstacle to making informed decisions.


This is noteworthy, especially because over 70% of the companies surveyed have environmental policies in place, yet furniture-specific guidelines are often absent from these policies.

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The reasons behind this are varied, but at the heart is perhaps the bewildering array of ecolabels (264 as of March 2024), the voluntary nature of providing environmental data, and the lack of uniformity in how this data is presented. This results in an inability to directly compare products, making it hard to make informed decisions.


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Businesses, however, are ill-advised to ignore the environmental implications of their choice in office furniture though. The 2023 CSRD legislation now compels over 50,000 large businesses in the EU to provide transparent accurate data on their carbon emissions, legislation that will almost certainly be rolled out to an ever increasing number of businesses over the years. And with office furniture responsible for around 30% of greenhouse gas emissions globally, this can have a significant impact on workplace sustainability goals.


Making sustainability simple

At Flokk, our aim is to make environmental sustainability easy to understand. Our aim is to create high-quality seating with a significantly reduced carbon footprint - emission reductions, which we pass on to our customers looking to lower their own environmental impact.

Our holistic approach takes into consideration every aspect of the environment – from the materials we use to the way we manufacture our designs, the conditions our employees work in, and the full lifespan of our products.

We are in the process of unifying our ecolabeling structure, settling on the strictest, international certifications which provide the greatest assurances, as well as expanding our use of EPDs every year – third party verified documents providing accurate data on the materials used and environmental footprint of our products, form raw material extraction to end of life.


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Flokk’s survey comprised of 100 sustainability managers based in Sweden. Carried out in collaboration with Rippler.


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