Giroflex 40 : active seating for active lifestyles – Ft. VAST:

Embracing the fusion of high-precision filmmaking and adrenaline-fueled outdoor adventures, VAST relies on giroflex 40 chairs to seamlessly integrate comfort and movement into their creative workspace, embodying the essence of their active lifestyle philosophy.

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VAST: is a full service outdoors production house, based in northern Sweden.


The team was founded by Johan Jonsson, Henrik Andersson and Daniel Blom, filmmakers and photographers with a passion for the outdoors, who decided to marry the two together to create film projects specialising in high energy, high precision outdoor activities, especially in the mountains.


Daniel explains: ”Part of why I moved back home to the north, was to be able to combine the big commercial shoots I had been doing for the last ten years, with the great nature up here. Founding VAST: with good friends was a way to do that.”


Their passion for adventure is tempered by their reliance on high quality, high precision equipment. Avid skiers, they only use the best gear – skis, bindings, poles, goggles – to allow them to truly focus on what they are doing – there is simply no time to worry about if your equipment will fail you.

This approach carries over into their professional life, and the same applies to the cameras they use, the computers they edit on, and naturally the chairs they sit on in their workspace.

VAST: co-founder and producer Johan Jonsson working in the office with his giroflex 40 chair

VAST: chose to configure their giroflex 40 chairs following our recent colour trend, optinf for (insert colours nad fabrics)

VAST exclusively use giroflex 40 chairs in their workspace. Designed by ITO Design, giroflex 40 is a highly functional, incredibly durable office chair packed full of ergonomic features that enhance the sitting experience of the user. All of the technical aspects of the chair are presented via intuitive controls making it easily adapted to different users, whilst providing accurate and comfortable performance. DoP and editor Henrik Andersson knows the value of a good chair.


”As we all three have our roots in the skiing- and snowboarding industry, we’re used to moving a lot and working hard, also physically, when on a shoot. Swinging between that and long editing days in front of the computer calls for office equipment that works with your body, without you having to think about it.”


Giroflex makes a point that their furniture is designed for active lifestyles, offering comfort and support whilst actively encouraging movement via their patented synchro-mechanism and dual-zone seating philosophy – hallmarks of Giroflex furniture, and a red thread through 150 years of design.


VAST: selected fabric and colours for their giroflex 40 chairs relevant to the recently updated inspirational colour palettes. These combinations, inspired equally by nature, architecture and the hum-drum of active urban living, are a reflection of the Swiss origins of Giroflex, and matched perfectly the identity of VAST, providing them with a seating platform that felt truly part of their workplace.


Professional skier and producer Johan Jonsson: ”I’m the kind of person whose head and body don’t work well when I’m static for too long. The giroflex 40 allows me to sit still, without sitting still, and that’s exactly what I need in my office.”

City life
One of three combo's that form 'The light hearted urbanist' colour trend - Inspired by urban culture that fuses a playful and sporty outlook on daily life. Colourful contrasts and dynamic combos were chosen, to emphasize a lifestyle of movement. 
One of three combo's that form the 'Mindful nature seeker' colour trend - In combination of the tactile seat surface to the translucent mesh backrest, combining harmonic contrasts with soft pastels to reflect lightness and generate an overall calm expression. 

Explore the new giroflex 40 colour inspiration guide


To showcase the giroflex 40's versatility, we've handpicked textiles inspired by 'playful inspiration.' These fabrics and colours highlight the chair's adaptability across diverse environments.


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